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Trust Roofing values establishing long term partnership with you. We are proud to offer you not only the best manufacturer warranties in the industry, but also a labor warranty to back the quality of our work.

Protect Your Investment for the Long Haul

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Trust Roofing is proud to offer outstanding warranties and guarantees to our customers. At Trust Roofing, we’re passionate about the roofs we install and just as passionate about the way we guarantee them and our responsibility to honor that guarantee. Here are a few of the offerings you can expect to help protect your investment:

  • 10-Year Labor and No-Leak Trust Roofing Guarantee. This warranty is always 100% non-pro-rated and totally transferable. We take our guarantee very seriously and offer fast response times to any warranty matter. We offer this because we believe when a roof is done right, there is no reason for problems down the line.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. We perform quality control both during and after project completion to ensure the final project is to our high standards.
  • No Money Due on Signing for small residential projects (under 20K). Funds are only due upon completion once you are blown away by our superior roofing experience.
  • 20 and 30-Year Manufacturer Warranties on TPO and PVC roofing systems.
  • Top-Notch Product Warranties from top shingle manufacturers like GAF, who we are a Certified Installer for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you warranty repairs?

We provide one free callback to fully service a repair again in case of future issues. We sometimes may give a fuller warranty on a repair if it is a larger or localized section.

Do I need to register my own warranty?

Your warranty is active as soon as your job is completed and paid for in full. No need to register anything, you should receive a copy of your warranty upon project completion.

Are warranties transferable if I sell my home?

We are proud to offer fully transferable warranties.

What workmanship warranty does Trust Roofing offer?

We offer a 10 year warranty which covers workmanship and any and all roof leaks. We are proud to offer very minimal fine print/exclusions and provide extremely fast service to any warranty calls. We believe when a  roof is done right there is no reason for there to be problems down the line and we back our work up heavily.

What does a lifetime warranty mean?

The word “lifetime” is most often used to refer to material manufacturers warranties. In our opinion, these are often marketing gimmicks and often don't reflect the actual life expectancy of these products on your roof. We believe in very honest advertising and heavily promote and market our own 10-year labor guarantee. 

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