Commercial Flat Roof Construction Takes How Long?
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Commercial Flat Roof Construction Takes How Long?

Trust Roofing provides flat roof construction in Tampa, Florida

We get it. Commercial roof repair for your business can be a scary proposition. Fortunately, flat roof construction is an investment that protects your business and saves you money on energy costs.

Flat roof builds begin with timber placed across sturdy walls that have been strengthened with steel joists. Once your roofing team completes this step, they set a layer of plywood on top of the secured joists. After that, the Trust Roofing experts will apply an undercoat over the boards, protecting them from the elements.

They will also add a sealant layer. And then the roof is installed, using large rolls of rubber to provide weather and waterproofing. Once finished, your new commercial roof will look great and give you a dry business for several decades.

Typically, a flat roof build takes about five to seven days. However, this time frame depends on the time it takes to secure the necessary permits and materials.

Benefits of A Commercial Flat Roof

Choosing a flat for your commercial roof repair has several benefits. Besides being a worthwhile investment, flat roofs are relatively easy to install and are less invasive than other roof builds or repairs.

An alternative to other commercial roofing types includes sloped roofing. However, this option can be more expensive. Flat roof construction has several other benefits:

  • Flat roof construction allows for expansion or extension. Commercial roofing with a non-sloped surface will enable you to extend your business space without building an entirely new roof. Also, a flat roof gives you the opportunity to build storage or outdoor spaces on top of your roof.
  • Flat roofs are weather friendly. Although they are not entirely damage-proof, a flat roof can withstand not only hot and cold days but also rain and high winds.
  • Commercial roof repair will cost less. With no shingles or tiles, there is nothing that can fall off of your roof. Because you won’t lose roofing material, you will not require as frequent repairs or maintenance. The durability of the material used for flat roofs also means you will save on replacement costs.
  • Access to your flat roofs is easy. Unlike other types of commercial roofing, a flat roof from Trust Roofing construction is easily accessible. Because it’s easy to reach, you, your staff, or any workmen to get to workspaces or appliances on the roof.

Can A Flat Commercial Roof Have Solar Panels?

In addition to being easy to maintain, commercial flat roof construction from Trust Roofing is energy efficient for those wanting green construction options. One way business owners cut costs further is to use solar power as an energy source.

Luckily, flat roof construction can accommodate solar panels mounted on the ground or installed on the rooftop. While flat panels on the roof offer more flexibility, either setup is a sensible investment. Commercial roofing that includes solar panels will create clean energy and lower utility bills.

When Should You Replace a Commercial Flat Roof?

Despite their resilience, flat commercial roofs will eventually require some repair work. Trust Roofing recommends regularly checking your roof to ensure there are no severe damages. Examples of wear can include cracking or large bubble formations, which may indicate moisture beneath the surface.

Also, while commercial roofing relies on durable materials, disintegration and decay occur over time. If you notice that materials on your roof are loose, breaking off, or crumbling quickly, it signifies a more serious problem.

Let Trust Roofing Handle Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Our company has more than 30 years of experience working with flat roof construction. Our team of qualified roofers and our customer service-driven professionals will ensure that the commercial flat roof you choose is installed correctly, efficiently, and with top-of-the-line materials.

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