Flat Roof Life Expectancy: How Long Will It Last?
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Flat Roof Life Expectancy

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Investing in a Flat Roof

Before investing in a flat roof, one must ask, what materials provide the best flat roof life expectancy? Also, which are most efficient? Your roof protects the structure of your building, your valuables, and your well-being! Truly, it’s worth taking some time to research. 

This article will walk you through materials for when you need a flat roof replacement.

Roof Efficiency

What is the efficiency of the different types of flat roofing? Let’s take a look at the different options.

Hot tar, which we used for many years, was the top of the line in its day. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to pooling water which lessens its efficiency. A hot tar roof may last fifteen years. However, flat roof life expectancy for TPO or PVC roofing can be double that of a hot tar roof.

Torch down flat roofs may last 12 years. They present a safety problem as the crew is applying flame to your roof. Not to mention, your flat roof life expectancy may be no longer than a few minutes if the roofer drops his torch. 

TPO and PVC flat roofing (otherwise known as single-ply) is the best choice. The material looks like thick sheets of white rubber which are rolled out on the roof and are then sealed with the use of hot air from a heat welder (no open flame). Here are the specific advantages of this kind of flat roof:

  • Long-lasting – Single ply roofing can last twice as long as earlier methods. Warranties can be gotten for 20 to 30 years. 
  • Sturdy – TPO and PVC flat roofing withstand pooling water. Consequently, it does not deteriorate like earlier roofing methods.  
  • Reflective –  It saves on interior energy costs dramatically, as it has a highly reflective coating. 
  • Economical – Single ply roofing costs about the same as hot tar and torch down roofing to install, but lasts twice as long. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – Materials used in TPO and PVC are recyclable. 


If you were to choose a single-ply roof, would you first have to tear off your old tar roofing? This is usually not the case. If you have only one layer on your existing roof and no unsafe deck issues, removal isn’t necessary. That is to say, it is better to install a lightweight single-ply roof system over the existing roof. And, the flat roof life expectancy of your roof will increase by decades! 

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