How Long Does A Roof Last In Florida?
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How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last in Florida?

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How long does a shingle roof last in Florida?

This is an especially important question as Florida is well known for several roof-damaging events due to its location. A few examples include:

  • Extreme heat and humidity (especially during the summer months)🌡️
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms 🌪️
  • Heavy rains and high winds ⛈️
  • Scam artists disguised as professional roofers (which results in shoddy work and high homeowners insurance rates) 🥸

It’s crucial to get roofing work done by a professional you trust.

The average lifespan for an asphalt shingle roof is roughly 25 years, depending on the type of roofing materials you have and whether they were installed and maintained properly. Of course, there are other factors that determine their longevity. 

Below we’ll talk about how long asphalt shingles typically last in the Sunshine State, the factors that impact shingle lifespan, and more. 

The 3 Most Common Types of Shingles

The type of shingles you currently have or plan to choose for your next roof is a primary factor in determining its lifespan. 

The three most common types of roofing shingles include:

  • 3-tab shingles: Also known as strip shingles, 3-tab shingles are the most common type of asphalt shingles used on homes throughout the country. They’re made from a single layer of asphalt and have a flat appearance that mimics the look of slate and are considered the most affordable type of shingle on the market. 3 tab shingles typically last between 10 and 25 years.
  • Architectural Shingles. This type of roofing shingle is also referred to as dimensional shingles because they give roofs a more dimensional appearance. Architectural shingles are made mainly of fiberglass mixed with other organic materials as well as asphalt. Some manufacturers add minerals to make them more durable, which results in two or more layers of roofing and a lifespan between 30 and 50 years.
  • Premium shingles. Premium shingles are laminated, which gives them a different appearance than architectural and 3-tab shingles — like that of an “old world” aesthetic similar to slate or natural shake shingles. Premium shingles are incredibly durable and have an average lifespan of 50 years.

Top 5 Factors That Determine The Lifespan of Your Asphalt Roof

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You can invest in the best of the best material-wise and still see the lifespan of your roofing system cut in half. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t invest in a roofing system that includes longer-lasting materials, but it also doesn’t mean that going with the most basic and affordable option is a bad idea if you’re on a budget or are planning to move soon.

When it comes to the lifespan of a roof in Florida, it’s also very important to consider the following factors that come into play when determining how long your roof will last:

1) Product Quality

If you don’t properly vet your roofing contractor, you could end up with someone who cuts corners by using cheap materials or reuses worn-out materials. While we’d all like to save money, your roof is an important investment as it’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements — and your roofer should not put you and your family at risk by being cheap.

Hiring a roofer that only works with top manufacturers and is trained and certified to install those manufacturers’ products is the only way to guarantee quality from the start. 

2) Installation and Workmanship

Poor installation and workmanship will have the same consequences as using cheap materials. As stated above, you want to hire a roofing contractor whose entire crew is certified and trained for the proper installation of premium roofing materials. 

Poor roofing installation usually entails the following:

  • A sagging roofline
  • An uneven appearance
  • Missing or mismatched shingles
  • A missing drip edge
  • Missing underlayment
  • Shingles that are too long and hang over the roof
  • Improper nailing techniques
  • Hardware mistakes
  • Reused materials

Poor roof installation and shoddy workmanship will cause all kinds of issues — and costly ones at that if they lead to structural damage. Plus, it’ll significantly shorten the lifespan of your entire roofing system.

3) Consistent Maintenance

All roofs require a certain level of maintenance and care to ensure they’re in good working order. However, most homeowners assume that maintenance simply equates to repairs and nothing more. 

Conversely, maintenance is the act of:

  • Scheduling annual inspections with a professional roofer
  • Having your roof inspected after a severe storm
  • Keeping your roof clean 
  • Keeping your roof free of debris and animal infestations
  • Keeping an eye on the interior of your home for any signs of water damage
  • Scheduling immediate repairs when necessary

If you neglect to care for your roof, it’ll wear out much quicker than expected — often as early as 10 to 15 years. 

4) Florida Weather

It doesn’t matter where in Florida you live; the weather here will undoubtedly wreak havoc on your asphalt shingle roof. The primary culprits for roof damage and wear in the Sunshine State include:

  • High humidity
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Sea spray and salt
  • High winds
  • Hurricanes and tropical storms
  • UV rays constantly beaming down on your roof

Hurricanes alone could have their own category. Even the strongest asphalt shingles that are designed to withstand Florida’s overall climate can take a beating during a bad hurricane. The best thing you can do is schedule a roof inspection before hurricane season to ensure your roof doesn’t have any weak spots that a hurricane could negatively impact.

5) Proper Attic Ventilation

Attic or access space ventilation is essential to a healthy roofing system. A poorly ventilated attic or access space will prevent the hot and humid air that accumulates throughout the summertime from escaping, causing all kinds of damage. 

The buildup of heat and moisture will warp your asphalt shingles as well as other roofing components. It’ll also do a number on your HVAC system by forcing it to work harder to keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature. 

The Signs That Your Roof Is Nearing Its End

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Even if your asphalt shingles are just 10 years young, there’s a good chance that your roofing system is already nearing its end if the above factors resonated with you. Aside from scheduling an inspection with a local roofing expert, it’s a good idea to learn the signs of a failing roof. 

The most common warning signs that your roof is calling it quits include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Bald spots from missing granules (which tend to end up in the gutters)
  • A sagging roofline
  • Shingles that visibly sway in the wind
  • Water stains and leaks in your attic, access space, or the top-floor ceilings and walls of your home
  • A sudden increase in the cost of your energy bill

It should be noted that while these signs may only require repairs rather than a complete roof replacement, only so many repairs can be made for asphalt shingles. Eventually, the amount of repairs you’ll need to make will financially outshine the cost of a new roof. 

Ready For a New Roof?

As you’ve learned, there’s quite a difference between how long does a roof last in Florida and how long should a roof last in Florida.

While the elements are technically working against you, things like high-quality roofing material and workmanship, as well as proper care and maintenance, can ensure that your roof lasts as long as it’s supposed to — barring severe hurricanes that call for evacuations.When you’re ready to talk about the best type of roofing material for your home and location within the Sunshine State, the roofing experts at Trusted Roofing will be here to advise you and address your concerns. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free roofing inspection. We’ll also include an accurate and no-obligation estimate!

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