What Is Single Ply Roofing?
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What is Single Ply Roofing?

Are you ready to give your flat roof a makeover? If you need a new flat roof you may want to consider single-ply roofing. As the best flat roofing system on the market, single ply has replaced other methods, such as hot tar, as the new go-to for roofing contractors.

At Trust Roofing, we specialize in this type of roofing because we know it is the superior option. In fact, we believe it will replace traditional hot tar roofing entirely in the very near future.

If you need a new roof installed, feel free to reach out for information or keep reading.

Roofing that Dominates the Flat Roof Market

Single ply is a general term that describes a line of roofing products that are available in wide-width, thick sheets of white rubber and is meant for installation on low slope or flat roofs.

There are three main types of single ply, including:

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is the most economical choice and is highly reflective
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a great option for restaurant applications and is highly reflective
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) has elastic qualities that are ideal for freeze/thaw climates and hail-prone areas

The sheets are laid out on the roof and sealed together with hot air from a heat welder to create a watertight system. Unlike hot tar roofing, there are no open flames or dangerous chemicals involved, so it is safe for roofing contractors to install.

Across the country, single-ply leads in market share for flat roofs. It has been installed at Lowes, Home Depot, Petsmart, Albertsons, Walmart, and Target locations nationwide.

Despite popular belief, single-ply is not another name for torch-down roofing. Torch-down roofing lasts about twelve years, and it requires an open-flame propane torch for installation. Many roofing professionals prefer alternatives to torch-down roofing (like single ply) because of the risk of fire and burning the roofing that comes with the torch-down technique. Furthermore, single ply performs better on flat roofs than the torch-down systems.

Hot Tar vs. Single Ply Roofing

For more than 75 years, hot tar has been a popular option for flat roofs. However, there are many drawbacks to hot tar roofing. Hot tar roofing has a lifespan of about 15 years, and it is dangerous and complicated to install. With the rise in oil prices, the cost of hot tar has increased as well.

Single-ply, on the other hand, is lightweight, flexible, and resilient. It is highly reflective and decreases energy costs significantly. Additionally, it is safe to install and can last two to three times longer than hot tar.

The Benefits of Single Ply Roofing

Proven Track Record

It has been used for commercial flat roofs for over 60 years. Over this time, the product has been tested and a variety of field studies have been performed and tracked.

Easy to Install

Unlike hot tar roofing, single ply is safe, easy to install, and takes less time. To begin, the contractor cleans or removes the existing roof.

Next, any insulation layers are installed and covered by a cover board. The membrane is either mechanically fasted or chemically adhered to the cover board. Finally, they use an automatic heat welder to seal the single ply membranes together.

Lasts More Than Thirty Years

With a longer life expectancy than hot tar and torch down, this system can last anywhere from 30 to 40 years.

Saves Money

Currently, single ply is about the same price as hot tar and torch down. However, it is faster to install and lasts twice as long as traditional roofing. This translates into cost savings for the building owner.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Single ply membranes are bright white and have highly reflective properties that reflect UV rays, which decreases cooling costs in the summer months. It is also 100% recyclable.

When compared to other commercial flat roof systems, this type of roofing is lightweight and flexible which relieves stress on your building’s structure.

Withstands Water and Chemicals

With its strength and durability, single-ply roofing resists pooling water and dangerous chemicals.

single ply roofing

Trust Roofing is Your Local Source for Single Ply Solutions

As flat roof experts, Trust Roofing specializes in single-ply roofing. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to install a high-quality roof. To schedule your consultation, contact us today!

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