TPO Waterproofing For Flat Roofs
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TPO Waterproofing for Flat Roofs

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Solutions for a Leaking Flat Roof

TPO waterproofing is the ultimate solution for a leaky flat roof. Water can destroy the structure of your building, not to mention the valuables inside. There are several options available to you to repair or replace a leaky flat roof.

But, how do these roofing methods rank in efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

As roofers of many years, we would like to give you our experiences with common solutions. 

Coatings or TPO Waterproofing?

A roof coating is simply a fluid treatment that is painted onto an existing roof. A coating to stop the leaking probably looks appealing. And, some coatings boast of ten to fifteen years of leak-free performance. However, as professional roofers, we can tell you these coatings are not reliable. A coating is not a roof. If the underlying roof is deteriorating, a coating is not going to prevent it from continuing to spring leaks. We never expect more than a year or two of extended life from the use of a coating. And, don’t be surprised if a coating simply can’t stop the leak. On the other hand, TPO waterproofing will keep you leak-free for decades!

Hot Tar vs. TPO Waterproofing

Hot tar has been around for a very long time. It is an excellent waterproofing agent. In fact, a hot tar roof was the standard for many years and can last up to fifteen years. Yet, it’s not the top solution for several reasons: 

  • Water can pool on a hot tar roof, causing deterioration.
  • It’s heavy. A typical building can withstand only two layers of hot tar roofing.
  • Hot tar gives off fumes and is not eco-friendly.
  • TPO roofing can last twice as long as a hot tar roof. 

Torch-Down Roofing (Dangerous) 

Torch-down is not a great choice. In the torch-down procedure, sheets of special roofing material are rolled out onto the roof. Then, a roofer uses a torch to heat the material. This causes it to adhere to the surface. Unfortunately, it has a short lifespan, uses open flames, and has safety issues. Many insurance policies do not cover torch roofing applications because of the high degree of fire danger. 

TPO Waterproofing

The best solution for a waterproof flat roof is to use TPO roofing installed by professionals. Consider the following: 

  • This material is substantial. As a matter of fact, it will not allow water to penetrate it for 30+ years. 
  • The warranties for TPO are legitimate and are validated by reputable companies.
  • The cost of installing a TPO roof is comparable to hot tar or torch-down solutions. 
  • TPO roofing withstands pooling water. 
  • Lastly, it has a highly reflective coating which saves on interior energy costs dramatically. This, of course, is great for hot, sunny environments!

Trust Roofing Can Help You With All of Your Roofing Needs

We have more than 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. Of course, we would love to help you with TPO waterproofing! We have the expertise to provide you with high-quality, quick, and efficient delivery and service. That’s because we specialize in commercial and residential roofing and can help you replace your roof or do any maintenance needed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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